List of Indonesian Foods that are Traditionally Vegan and Gluten-Free

Gado Gado (steamed veggies and tempeh with peanut sauce) at Sanur Beach, Bali

Gado Gado (steamed veggies and tempeh with peanut sauce) at Sanur Beach, Bali

 Here is a list of some traditionally vegan and gluten-free recipes found in Indonesia. Many dishes are already gluten-free due to much use of rice, mung bean or tapioca flour over wheat flour. But you still have to watch out for soy sauce in dishes for flavor. The main non-vegan item in Indonesian cooking is chicken stock in rice and noodle dishes as well as shrimp paste that is used for flavoring many savory dishes. The dishes listed below don’t traditionally have either of those non-vegan ingredients or contain gluten (unless otherwise noted). The recipes for the dishes I have listed found from, a very helpful website for recipes on how to make many traditional dishes. I love all the desserts made from glutinous rice (this rice does not contain gluten, it just has that name because it is sticky). Glutinous rice is also called sweet sticky rice or mochi rice, since it is the rice that mochi is made out of… one of my favorite desserts!

 This is not a complete list by any means and of course any restaurant or chef may have a different version of these recipes, I just thought it was a good place to start.

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