DSCN1193Acupuncture– The insertion of very fine needles into specific points in the body to promote healing, relieve pain, and treat various conditions. I always include additional bodywork into acupuncture sessions such as cupping, moxa, gua sha or massage.

Herbal Consultation– An herbal consultation allows for a holistic approach to wellness.  There are many healing herbal formulas and my goal is to find the formula that is best suited to accelerate the body’s healing process.

Shiatsu– A traditional Japanese Massage that uses acupressure points found throughout the body to maintain wellbeing.  Various stretches and body positions are used to increase balance and improve flexibility.

Tui Na– Chinese Massage that is used to allow the body to maintain proper alignment.  Specific techniques are used to correct musculoskeletal imbalances and improve overall health.

Pediatric Tui Na– Specialized massage for infants and children using specific acupressure points. Great for treating anxiety, allergies digestive issues and much more.

Shonishin (Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture) The name is misleading because acupuncture is rarely used. It involves tapping on specific acupuncture points and often involves moxa.

Moxa– compressed mugwort is lit and put into a device over the skin to create a warming and soothing therapy.

Cupping– a great myofascial release tool that uses suction to melt away tight muscles. Great for chronic back and shoulder pain. Also for opening the lungs to treat asthma.

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