Great Food in San Francisco

Curry Dish at Herbivore in San Francisco

Curry Dish at Herbivore in San Francisco

Before our 20 hour flight to Bali we had a nice long layover in San Francisco… one of my favorite cities! The problem there is not the lack of vegan restaurants, but the hard choice of which one to eat at. We decided to go to a restaurant called Herbivore. I had a nice curry dish and Dan had a shepherd’s pie with a ton of sauteed kale. I was kind of jealous when I saw his pile of kale, but of course being the sweetheart he is, he shared it with me.

We are now in Bali, but have not yet found a vegan restaurant. There is a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables so we are having no problem with food, but I am excited to go to one of the restaurants I found on We are staying at Sanur Beach, but soon will be venturing forth to find a great vegan / gluten-free restaurant. Once we find one I will be posting some reviews and more about our adventures in Indonesia.

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